Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation ★★★

With its neat execution and effective build up of tension and atmosphere, one can say "Annabelle: Creation" is a well-crafted effort. If we were to add to the picture its plot that is almost empty and repetitive and populated by one-dimensional characters who were either nosy, thunderously stupid or just plain dumb, it doesn't seem so good anymore. It is basically targeted for audiences who want to turn off their brain and keep wailing while inside a dark, air-conditioned theater. Its obvious homage to horror movies of the previous decades without a doubt hints that it aspires to be nothing more but a haunted house attraction movie. Does it succeed? Oh yeah, greatly. Suppose there's a good story to complement it? No such luck for it was nothing but bare bones. The film paces very slowly because there's really nothing much to tell. Even if it has, it's definitely been heard before. Its extended scenes of its characters hanging around in a dark room waiting for something to happen (Brave kids!! Seriously though?) feel like improvisations than an actual idea scribbled on a script. If it wasn't for David F. Sandberg's skillful talent in command, it might actually be as bad as its previous incarnation. In the end, it's not such a bad film (Its psychological scares and the final twist were hugely commendable and there's no doubt it will find an audience quite deservingly so) but if you're looking for a thinking person's horror movie, this is not it.

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