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  • 1917



    I was afraid 1917 was going to be a gimmick. That the whole ‘one take’ situation was going to feel forced, and far fetched. BOY WAS I WRONG! 

    The first movie I ever watched that was filmed to look as though it was one take was 2012’s Silent House starring Elizabeth Olsen. I thought, what a great idea for a horror movie! It definitely had its flaws; the movie was too slow at times, the movie camera made people feel dizzy,…

  • Little Women

    Little Women



    What Little Women does the best is making you feel the warmth, and love of the family. So much so, each scene feel so immersive. I laughed, I cried, I felt a immense joy, and I felt immense sadness. The story and tone masterfully manipulate your emotions. 

    The color palette of the movie is beautiful, as well as the cinematography. The scenes of their childhood have a warm glow that is like watching…

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  • Like a Boss

    Like a Boss


    I laughed once. ONCE. 

    Rose Byrne & Tiffany Haddish are both talented people, but this movie did them dirty. The storyline is a MESS filled with cliche writing, overly dramatic characters to the point that it’s nonsensical, and moments that are meant to be funny, but have nothing to do with the story so they just feel out of place. 

    Most of the humor is filled with these strange gaps of air and silence. It honestly made the movie resemble a…

  • Underwater



    Underwater is if Black Mirror, and Doctor Who episode had a baby.

    Minimal character building, and weird comedic choices (Mainly T.J. Miller’s character), are the main flaws in this film. It was frustrating the amount of times that the suspense and tone were broken by weird gags & punchlines. 
    Otherwise Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel & the fast paced plot carry us through the movie. The film does a great job of manipulating fear, making us feel the impending doom. 

    As a whole…

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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    After hearing all the hype for this movie, I went in expecting a masterpiece. Watching Marriage Story, I quickly realized this isn’t the same kind of masterpiece that Parasite is. It’s a masterpiece because the story, acting and cinematography is entirely human and real. The long takes, the superb acting, and the pensive atmosphere creates masterful story telling. I watched this not wanting it to end.

    Noah Baumbach creates scenes that if it were another movie would seem too long,…

  • Cats



    This is a good example of why theater can’t always translate to film.

    Cats is a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera, Evita) based on poems by T.S. Eliot. 15 minutes into the movie I whispered to my friend, “I’m already over this.” That was due to the lackluster performances, poor storyline, and overall lack of charm. Nothing really impressed me, (excluding Jennifer Hudson) and if something was entertaining, it got old real quick. 

    There were two…