Kimi ½

What a fucking awful film. Every character is insufferable, impossible to empathise with and either an idiot or some kind of miraculous savant. Zoe Kravitz has to play the most annoying, stuck-up waste of space that a film can produce. She somehow manages to afford this beautiful apartment (please get some curtains) while being a low level technician. Oh she also is somehow a tech wizkid becuase of that. Her I'm too mentally ill to go outside and I'm going to be a bitch and make that everybody else's problem is just plan horrific. The dialogue is bland and boring, lots of things are brought up randomly and then are never resolved. Dear god the ending please the cringe. This reminds me of The Circle with how bluntly I'm hit over the head with tech and silicon valley being big baddies invading our privacy.

Every Covid film has just sucked, please stop making them. Thank god this was only 90 minutes.