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This review may contain spoilers.

When he jumps out to save Morpheus who isn’t gonna make it, and catches him then they reveal the chain he’s attached to, then the helicopter’s fuselage is shot, then trinity has to land them on the rooftop, then Neo rolls to a stop and realizes the woman he loves is stuck on the crashing helicopter and immediately shores up his strength on the cable, then trinity holds the cable and shoots its bearings, then jumps and the helicopter hits the building and ripples with a special effect you’ve never seen before and she comes crashing into the film plane and breaks the glass, then the music rises and he iconically pulls up the cable and Morpheus walks up behind him almost in tears thinking ‘this is the guy, this is the one I’ve been waiting for for years to save the world’ and the music screams. That is the height of cinematic craftsmanship to me, and it has been absent from movies ever since. Nothing comes close.