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  • Preggoland



    Soul Man, but pregnancy.

  • She's Having a Baby

    She's Having a Baby

    Jesus what a tired pile of tropes. If Hughes was trying to make me feel like I should care about whether Kevin Bacon's soul or marriage was at stake, or that I should delight at how his struggles with family and suburban life are depicted as visual metaphors, it appears to be a failure. Like, when the father-in-law tells him he's never going to make money writing a novel, Bacon envisions throwing manuscript pages one by one into a trash…

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  • Mystic Pizza

    Mystic Pizza


    I kept hoping that the secret ingredient in the pizza sauce would be the blood of men who had done them wrong, but no dice.

  • A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

    A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell


    Imagine a world where every movie by Troma actually lived up to the promise of its title...

    This movie isn't from that world, it's from this one.