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  • Voice from the Stone

    Voice from the Stone


    Beware of the 'Vecchia' (*)

    Adapting a 1996 novel by Silvio Raffo, narrating of Verena (Emilia Clarke), an English nurse who travels to an Italian castle to try to help Jakob (Edward Dring), a young boy who has refused to speak ever since the death of his mother, this movie has a mysterious atmosphere surrounding plot details evoking to me matching ones in short stories by gothic authors like Daphne Du Maurier or Edgar Allan Poe (possibly several from the…

  • The Sweet Body of Deborah

    The Sweet Body of Deborah


    The scenes in the opening part of TSBOD, with their setting in Geneva, Switzerland, and surroundings are as promising as in any decent giallo. But then, learning that two of the characters are apparently old acquaintances hating each other, and bumping into each other in the presence of a beauty like that of a woman (played by Carroll Baker) who's very rich but also suffers from psychological frailty, was a huge revelatory clue to the movie's further developments, common to…

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  • Leviathan



    A film that begins as a story of a kind that's already been presented at the cinema, about a land expropriation case. But in the course of the film, something else gradually starts to show up about the characters (those who are enduring the expropriation): in particular, some events happen, but, deliberately, the director refrains from revealing them completely. A film with a substantial screenplay (which, as an added value, makes it a supremely accessible film, by far the most…

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Groovy (gnarly) days

    Since the 2009 book by Pynchon is also a tribute to The Long Goodbye , I guess PTA could not believe his eyes seeing the chance, to metaphorically bow once more, through a film based on such a tribute, to his idol Robert Altman. In my view, it's like PTA satisfies an urge to leapfrog backwards over Boogie Nights times, with his last film's components (let's call like that for example Joanna Newsom's voice-over, Katherine Waterston's bare