Busting ★★★

In this buddy-cop movie, wiseass, politically incorrect L.A. vice-squad detectives Keneely (Elliot Gould) and Farrel (Robert Blake), are busy doing what the movie title anticipates, until they think they have put their hands on a sleazy drug dealer Carl Rizzo (Allen Garfield). This guy, though ,'much to their chagrin', appears (surprisingly) to have his own dirty hands on the city – which means including the Police, i.e. their bosses. Unphased by the way it was confronted by the couple, the mobster wrily smiles ‘I got where I am by having punks like you for breakfast..'.
Director Peter Hyams, at his feature-length film debut, keeps reproposing tracking shots any time that’s applicable - it did catch my eyes! He’s perhaps eager to inject some 'dynamism', possibly anticipating the outcome of his work might have been something whose pace was too slow for an action movie (no car chases until the last five minutes!) and whose mood was too serious for a comedy. Of course his career allowed him to go on to improve (perhaps even in the same movie genre, with his 1977 Running Scared.). Quicker 'consolation' could be there for him also, as this Busting could have been 'trailblazer' for successful crime tv-series kicking off just the following year, like Starsky & Hutch and Baretta (starring Robert Blake himself)