Kinetta ★★½

Yorgos Lanthimos's full-feature debut after a previous directorial collaboration. The titular is the Greek name of both a beach resort and a movie camera. The drama is mostly a three people affair involving a police officer who is even an amateur director, trying to stage murders already occurred, a photographer turned cameraman, and a hotel maid who's cast by the fictional filmmakers. There's virtually no dialogue, except for the descriptions of the script scenes from the director, which by contrast are so obsessive in their details to seemingly have harmful impact on the performer's mental health (thereby she would physically hurt herself more and more). Eventually one starts seeing customers arriving at the hotel, as if they are fixing all back to normal, and recalls everything so far took place off-season: that time of the year is lit by Lanthimos's cinematographer Thimios Bakatakis in low-key, at times cyanotic tones, a color-scheme making the film look stylish nevertheless - the only aspect I really liked of it all