Paris Is Always Paris ★½

There's No Place Like ... Paris

Another item in the filmography of the Italian master of the light-hearted cinema Luciano Emmer, here starring three assi (champions) of the genre like Aldo Fabrizi, Ave Ninchi and Paolo Panelli. But wasted in this case, as this, about a group of Italian tourists's weekend in Paris must be one of the most impalpable movies ever, even embarrassing to recount. At least there's Lucia Bose' to admire: also in the sense that her character easily fleeces a goofy admirer. And Yves Montand as himself singing Joseph Korma's & Jacques Prevert's Les Feuilles Mortes: that easily stays as the best bit of the movie. Unless one thinks it's the ending, which, (not) funnily enough, is basically the same as the romantic one in 1995 Linklater's Before Sunrise :D