Relic ★★★★★

Emotionally devastating Alzheimer’s metaphor. Filled with supernatural dread through imagery and sounds: a flicker of a shadow; muffled cries and thumps; a dark and measured score. An impossible house, disorientating and unfamiliar; filled with black mould that creeps further into each room. A sombre and quiet last ten minutes, the horror peeled away to be left with only resignation, child-like fragility and futile comfort, culminating in a beautiful and haunting final shot, will stay with me - I have never seen a film, horror or otherwise, that has so replicated the very real fears I have inside me. I did not expect to feel so drained, tears streaming, come the conclusion. My grandmother, my mother. A twisted and evil relic, passed down through generations. An incurable disease that possesses and destroys. 
It’s metaphor is not hidden, but it is gut-wrenchingly real.

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