The Unnamable II

The Unnamable II ★★½

The Old Hairy Winged Woman returns along with Clotheless Sexy Woman in this Lovecraft sequel based the short story of the same name. I only watched the first film last year, but I can’t remember it. This one does seem to start at the immediate end of the preceding film, which I always enjoy - so points for that. Points too for the terrible dream apparition that gives a nice chunk of exposition for no reason and the female cop who runs in, shouts, “Bitch!” then just starts blasting. 
John Rhys Davis and David Warner turn up (it’s Lovecraft, Warner turns up in most of them seemingly), but both are wasted. Rhys Davis at least gets some Indy-esque exploring and adventuring but it’s cut short before the film is content to just be set in a school. 

Mark Kinsey Stephenson’s performance  as Randolph Carter is strangely alluring: aloof, yet excited, with a jawline that could cut glass. 

Ultimately, it’s competent but forgettable. Not gory or unique enough to stand with other Lovecraft adaptations, with no real sense of that existential dread that permeates his work.

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