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  • Late Talk with Brian Palmer

    Late Talk with Brian Palmer

    Would you look at that, it's a new short film!

    This is my second film I've made at university, and by far the one I'm most proud of. I didn't intend to make two black-and-white films in a row (it's a stereotype and all), but I think it works.

    This film is centred around a chat show host named Brian Palmer, who whilst hosting his cheap late night talk show begins to notice suspicious occurrences, especially a guest who everyone…

  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    this didn't hold nearly as well as I hoped it would

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin



    I don't get it.


    I don't get it.

    At least give it a rating.

    But I don't get it.

    Was it good?


    Would you recommend it?

    I don't know.

    How does that work?

    I don't know.



    Just give it 2 1/2 or something.

    I can't.


    Because it's good.

    Then what's the issue?

    I don't know.

    For fuck's sake.

    I don't understand it. It confused me.

    Just your plebian mind.

    Fuck you.

    Fuck you.…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    The only film where you will witness Madeye Moody and Voldemort sit in a bar and call each other cunts.