Frank ★★★★★


This film came right the fuck out of nowhere and totally blindsided me. I can barely even form coherent thought right now. It's that good.

Frank is that good.

While many people have had The Lego Movie and Under The Skin (two other instant classics I must add) as their film-of-2014-that-immediately-ranks-among-their-top-top-favourites, that film for me is Frank.

I have never seen a film be so hilarious and so heartbreaking and mix it so well. Last film I saw that did that was In Bruges. This is the only film to parallel that.

Michael Fassbender is a godsend. His performance, at the end especially, is pure brilliance. He brings charisma to a role in which he wears a giant fiberglass head throughout. That's some serious acting going on there. Even Domhhall Gleeson, who I found insufferable and annoying in About Time, is perfectly cast here as a talentless, hacky songwriter who desperately wants to be an artist.

Frank feels like a film entirely written for me. It's all my favourite themes in one film. Surrealism, madness, artistry, creativity, commercialism, industry, avant-garde music, and loyalty. It balances everything and it blew my mind.

At the end of this film, I sat there in complete silence with my mouth agape, listening to the amazing soundtrack (and I can only get one song from it???) and just mulling over what I just saw in my head, but it completely took me by surprised. You can never expect anything to be this good. It's always a surprise.

I may be in the minority here, but this is one of my favourite films of all time. Is it my favourite film ever? Quite possibly! I need to watch it again to make that distinction, with a film so out-there as this. For now, it sits at number, and I'll just be listening to 'I Love You All' on repeat 11 billion times.

Seriously. This song is awesome. Go listen to it. Reminds me of Muse. Better singing voice than Muse. Michael Fassbender can really god damn sing. He should make an album. As Frank. Making Frank's music. I've listened to the actual Frank Sidebottom's music. It kinda sucks. It really sucks, in fact. Stupid novelty songs that this Frank wouldn't be caught dead making. They're separate entities to me. Real Frank's music doesn't exist. Anyway go listen to this song because it's really awesome.

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