Raw ★★★★★

I'm struggling to really know what to say about Raw. It kind of defies description. It's two days later, writing this, and I still don't really have the right words.

Raw is one of the most fascinating, bizarre, unique, and utterly engrossing horror films of the 2010s so far. With the release of A Cure for Wellness and Get Out, 2017 has proven so far to be great for strange and out there horror films that defy traditional convention and provide layered, allegorical experiences all while being great fun at the same time.

'Restrained' is not a word I would be expecting to use describing a film about cannibalism, but it really does fit here. Beyond some of the more gross out scenes and multiple instances of mouths dripping with blood, for its genre it remarkably holds back. I've heard the stories about people throwing up in the cinema, and after leaving I was scratching my head, wondering if I had seen some cut version, because this feels like a soft-18 at worst.

But that works for it. Raw has a real sense of ethereal dreaminess to it, giving the feeling of floating through events and just watching as someone finds out something horrible about themselves. It's a remarkable tale of self-discovery, of both mental and sexual awakening, and surprisingly, a message of learning to find a balance and compromise with the things in your life that hold you back.

Best film of 2017 so far.

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