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  • Hereditary



    While there are bits of real tension here, and a beautifully and definitely creepy vibe throughout, ultimately I kept getting pulled out by how dumb and thoughtless this family is. You’ve got a kid with an anaphylactic nut allergy but don’t bother to keep an epipen around? No one even suggests seeing a grief counselor or, I don’t know, taking a few days off school?

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    Less a movie than a collection of fanboy-pleasing scenes strung together. We get it, it’s rated R. At least the humor mostly landed in this one, the first one of these just made me feel old.

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  • Split



    Further proof that Shyamalan has made one good movie.

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    This is the dictionary definition of a three star movie. Not worth getting excited about, not worth being angry at. There are fun bits, there’s too much explaining (since when did we have to care about those damn dice!), it’s a bit too much telling not showing. But it neatly drops you right into the Star Wars universe and that alone is probably worth the price of a rental.