Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★★

"He wouldn't have the slightest interest in your existence unless he was paid to".

An example of a great script, perfectly encapsulating the nature of our protagonist, Jef Costello, completely detached from the world except when he's paid for the job, being a professional Hitman. His cold-steel personality and strict manners makes him one hell of an enigmatic figure.

This is a landmark in cinema that inspired such films as Leon: The Professional and Drive, simply for the protagonist and it's noir elements that push forward the story. The jazzy soundtrack along with the beautiful cinematography aided by the incredible use of lightning makes great use of the possibilities of cinema. The pacing is perfect, started it at 1 AM and without noticing, I was already nearly an hour in. It's one of those films that never wasted any time of its runtime and rarely do I found those types of films with such a swift pacing ever since Lawrence of Arabia.

Truly one of those films that needs to be seen at least once I your lifetime.


P.S: Sorry for the low output as of lately, had some personal and academic issues and now did I find a great gap to relax and finally finish this film.
Self-Congrats and thank all of you for reaching over a hundred followers, and now, trying to get back to some 2016 films, maybe Aquarius or even The Lobster next. The point is, I need a movie of the year already. Does The Lobster even count as a 2016 film? Who knows.

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