Magnum Force ★★★

Of course you can't match the original.

Magnum Force is the store brand equivalent of Dirty Harry. It regurgitates the same thematics and moral dilemas regarding justice that the original used, only this time it's far less subtle in its presentation. The action is great, much like Dirty Harry, the titular 357 Magnum shows by the exaggerated recoil of those shot by such handcannon with glorious detail. However, the last sequence is where the picture loses steam due to the circumstances that "nerfs" our protagonist. Also to note is how the only two woman characters introduced want to bang Callahan. The latter, an Asian chick that establishes a relationship as believable as the latest lemons fanfic. C'mon, Harry is a cold bastard that earns our respect, we don't need this kind of shit. Worse is that particular bit is only to establish a lazy plot device for later, a crime that's committed twice, the other to give some emotional motivation to our protagonist, namely a distant friend that has much development as my desk chair. Still, there are some good lines here and there, the main storyline and action sequences are solid enough to not score negatively in my book.

A not so happy 900th film.
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