Paterson ★★★★½

My first Jim Jarmusch film.

Words escape from me in the time to do some actual constructive criticism, just some disperse thoughts:

- Adam Driver is too good to be true. He perfectly encapsulates Paterson's calm behaviour, the realistic, believable, and most importantly, the emotional connection required to be invested into the film. In fact, the realistic approach helps the film inmensely with the dialogue and line delivery being flawless, and every side character giving a meaningful repercusion in the picture.

-Impeccable directing by Jim Jarmusch, effective at communicating the audience with the thematics that are well developed into something meaningful by the time the conclusion rolls in. Significant use of symbolism, like the city having the same name as our protagonist, that coincidentally homed a famous poet, William Carlos Williams; and the mention ofother famous figures in a Bar that Paterson occasionally visits in his routines as to represent the position of ourselves relative to our world and the preferable comformity that everyday life is to the "little guy", we can recreate in giving love to a world that doesn't love back, but beautiful to take part in, exemplified in the subtle exchanges of our main character and other people of interest in a more disgraceful situation. Dony is suffering from a downward spiral in his life, Doc is in debt to his wife thanks to some failed chess matches, Everett is heartbroken after a failed relationship. All of these are handled with not much love from our protagonist until tragedy hits him and reconciliates with their suffering.

-God, the poetic monologues of Paterson accompanied with that mystical soundtrack are a marvel to behold.

-Back to the "tragedy", its handled in a satisfactory way as to be brutally honest and heartfelt, true to the direction these sort of griefs were going for. I could have seen it a mile away, but still had meaningful emotional reaction by that time.

-That ending, though...

Best movie of 2016? Maybe. I still have to see the rest of the vigorously awarded films in a particularly shitty year that reminds me of the second coming of Jesus, not sure for the better or worse.


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