Swiss Army Man

I honestly don't know of what to make of this.

In one hand, you have Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe giving excellent performances and their characters are interesting with their chemistry being rather solid, it's actually entertaining looking at these twats interact one another, especially during the more awkward conversations . The more profound and thematics are on par with the direction of the film and presented well enough. The regaining of the will to live and rediscovering the happy things in life is worthy indeed.

However, the main problem I have is with the general smugness of the film regarding his quirkiness. Hey, look at us, we have a farting corpse! Not quirky enough? Well we have an erection-compass! how about that, huh! Wes Anderson is more comforting and smart than some of this gibberish.
Not only does the movie depend on these, but on many occasions where I was supposed to laugh at the ridiculousness, I just didn't. The quirky elements interfere with the more emotional parts, they collide the uneasiness with raw feelings into an indescribable mess ,and the ending left me utterly confused as to its meaning.

Hey Jim, maybe it's not your cup of tea because of its strange nature, does it? My bio description points my liking for weird shit, I listen to experimental rock in times of sleep depravation, Pink Floyd's The Wall is one of my favorite movies (or album, for that matter) of all time, and have a couple of friends who are stoners that regularly get high during meetings & it's utterly hilarious to watch them go, so no, I appreciate strangeness. The problem here was my mindset.
I was expecting this to be somewhat serious but I got something completely different, with an identity crisis with the more juvenile and darker elements.

For all this, I refuse to give it a rating yet. Maybe my views on it will change upon a rewatch, but by the end, I'm conflicted as hell.

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