Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★


Amid lots of shooting and deaths one woman is shot and her body flies backwards even though she is shot from a completely different angle and by a small pistol from across the room. There, now I've gotten everything bad about this film out of the way. I cannot think of a single major issue with this film. Tarantino's writing is only bested here by his outstanding direction. The story is raw, it's balls out (literally), and above all else it is bad-ass. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, unlike any western that comes before. The music makes the film a lot more unique in that it does not at all fit into the time period, but rightfully makes the film so much more cool and original. Foxx's performance is very strong, though shadowed by that of Waltz. The true and unsung performance (thanks to the absence of an Oscar nomination where he should have won) is Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio's insane character steals the final act and heightens the drama to that of absolute madness peaking with a raving improv after DiCaprio unexpectedly cuts open his hand and still rolls with it. The finale of the film cannot be more incredible with one of the best showdowns in history. Overall this is one incredible motion picture and possibly the best from the mind of Quentin Tarantino.