The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½


The Nice Guys is a solidly entertaining and fun film that will keep you light on your toes with a belly full of laughter. That being said, it is also my absolute least favorite kind of film: one which had the potential to be much better. In this case, much, much, VERY much better. Unfortunately scene after scene is constructed such a way that a superior director would have changed in the slightest adjustments to make the overall project shine much brighter. I just couldn't help but notice each and every moment (plentiful in this film) that could have been improved and every joke that would've landed much bigger with the smallest of directorial input. While the script is largely entertaining, I hate children that are written superior-minded and this film is guilty of that so there's another complaint of mine. Though most performances are decent enough beyond the two lead's winning charm, the performance from one Margaret Qualley in the role of Amelia is god awful. Just terribly, terribly bad. I can't say I don't recommend this film, because there's enough here to enjoy, but if you're a die hard fan of the art of film as I myself you'll see all the flaws and they'll eat at you as much as they did me despite the pretty packaging. Overall, this is a wickedly entertaining screenplay brought out by a solid Russell Crowe and yet another outstanding performance from Ryan Gosling, but it's all held to mediocrity by its direction and cinematography. In better hands this had just so much potential that I would've rather seen it flop. At least then it wouldn't bug me so much.

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