Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

You will enter the city with a thirty-two hour window. Whatever zombies are still walking should be no problem for a gang of tough hombres such as yourself.

You've never seen so much shallow depth of field in your entire life.

So, this movie had literally no reason to be this long. The characters aren't deep enough to justify it, and the plot is incredibly silly. But, in spite of its bloated runtime and too-serious build-up for a goofy premise, it's still quite a fun movie when it gets out of its own way, and does what we all came to see: over-the-top zombie action. And the zombie action delivers nicely.

(Snyder continues to have bad politics though; but coming from the man who dreams of adapting The Fountainhead, this is unsurprising; but, especially in the first act, it was definitely distracting in annoying ways)

Definitely worth checking out for some good ol' mindless fun.

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