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  • Peninsula



    this is a disgrace to the cannes badge

    yeon sang ho just recycles all the themes he milked to death in "train to busan", (self-sacrifice, familial connection, people going mad in the face of peril, and past guilt causing jarringly rapid character development)
    adds even more people crying and calling out in slow motion, lazily slaps it together and calls it a film

    the only thing good about "train to busan" was the train, it itself was a blatantly tearjerking…

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    got to see this on the big screen today, as part of a special programme commemorating the closure of my favourite cinema in korea

    i'd loved it even the first time I saw it, but now that it's intrinsically tied to my very own cinema paradiso moment, it'll be that much more of an important film for me

    kore-eda's big-screen families revel in their imperfections, which is possibly the most human trait. and for that, kore-eda's family portraits hit a sort of dignified relatability that no other contemporary filmmaker manages with quite the same level of assuredness