The Descent

The Descent ★★★★½

This is another one I hadn’t seen in a longgg time. While watching this I quickly remembered the feeling I had the first time I saw this. Holy Shit!! 
This is such a great movie from the 2000’s. It was something new at the time and it’s still effective now. Takes a bit to get going but once it starts it doesn’t slow down. 
It’s tense, claustrophobic and absolutely brutal at times. Oh and the cast is great as well. They do a good job with character development and you can’t help but care for and cheer on these girls. They are so badass. 
Also I’m a bit torn on the alternate endings. I find the US version creepy but the UK version is just so damn fitting for the way this film was. Either way I’m a fan of this movie no matter the ending.

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