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  • Nymph


    If nothing else this is probably the first and only time in film or otherwise that I've heard a man ask a woman if she has had a boob job and be called adorable for it.

  • Backtrack


    "I prayed to God for justice. It was not forthcoming. When I prayed in the other direction, results were much better."
    - The Old Man (Julian Glover)

    Well this was an experience.
    Others have already said it but it really cannot be stated enough: The dialogue in this movie is so stilted and just off it is almost surreal. It is so odd to watch. It really doesn't help that the plot is a largely indecipherable mess as well. I…

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  • Antichrist



    “Nature is Satan's church.”
    - She (Charlotte Gainsbourg)

    Over on the Internet Movie Database, someone once described Lars Von Trier as, and I quote, ‘an arty wanker’.
    Now, although that is perhaps the most unsophisticated and rudimentary way of expressing it, they did have a point. It isn’t hard to see why Trier could be considered pretentious, especially with his most controversial outing yet, Antichrist.

    To say it is unforgettable is a gross understatement. Rather, for better or worse, it…

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    “Just look like we are a married couple, spanning time!”
    -Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo)

    Buffalo ’66 is the feature debut from Vincent Gallo, who also writes and stars as the lead. I feel I must first admit; I didn’t actually want to like this film. I had heard much about Gallo prior to seeing this (and not all sung his praises.), particularly that he is rather egotistic and self-absorbed, and that he complained about having to do all the work…