Home Movie ★★★

“I dare you to stare until our movie’s done. I bet you you can’t.”
-Jack Poe (Austin Williams)

Film 16 of 35 of The Found Footage/Mockumentary Project.

Home Movie is the feature debut from Christopher Denham and follows the home videos of a seemingly happy family, if it wasn’t for their two evil twin children. I quite liked how it starts out; that perfect family, with a perfect house and perfect life, but hidden just beneath the surface is the not so pleasant truth. Behind the smiles and farcical image of happiness is the cold, harsh reality. As the film goes on, it attempts to use this dynamic, but never seems able to execute it properly.

The premise is interesting and fairly original (though does bear some semblance to The Omen), whilst the decision of presenting it through different holidays is pretty cool. The main issue is that if you focus on the details, a lot of it stretches plausibility to the point of being ridiculous. This is mainly due to a rather poor and thoughtless screenplay. However, there are also a number of sly nods early on to where the plot is going, so there is a bit of intelligence here. The problem is its submerged by a distinct lack of direction.

The acting is fairly good from all the cast. The couple are believable enough, whilst the two children are rather creepy throughout. Pasdar is particularly great as the father, though even he does become a little unbelievable toward the end.
I’ve very mixed feelings about Home Movie. It’s not bad, but could have been so much better. With a little more motivation, and maybe without the ‘found footage’ style, it might even have been great.

VERDICT; It’s fairly good, all things considered, but there is definitely a lot of wasted potential. It doesn’t seem to entirely decide what it wants to be, and all you really come out of this film with is; what a pair of fucking little shits.
3/5 or 6/10

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