My Soul to Take ★★

“If things get too hot, just turn on the prayer conditioning.”
-Penelope (Zena Grey)

So I saw this one a while back now but gave it a re-watch just to check if my first impressions had been a little unfair on Mr. Craven’s latest endeavour (Besides Scream 4). Unfortunately, they weren’t. Had it been someone else behind the cameras, this… thing may have been forgivable to an extent. But it’s not anyone. It’s Wes Craven. Who should be holding his head in shame at this.

Sooo… there really isn’t much I can say in the way of positives really. The story at least tries to be interesting (Note – tries, not succeeds), but everything else Screams (oh, did you see that directorial reference!) mediocrity, just dull, dreary, textbook stuff. It really is quite a Nightmare to watch (and again!). Acting, weak (Max Thieriot is an unbelievably meek protagonist), script, weak, set pieces unremarkable.
However on a positive note, the scene about the California condor is pretty ace. Oh and the scene where Thieriot’s sister hands his arse on a plate to him. That’s cool too. Otherwise, boring, mind-numbing schlock. It’s not a Shocker (Oh I just can’t help myself now) in any respect, except in how excruciatingly dull it manages to be.

VERDICT; I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad for a director’s feature debut, but this is Wes Craven, director of horror classics. So… it’s just a bit shit really. In the end, the killer will have to seek souls elsewhere, ‘cause there certainly ain’t none in this movie.
2/5 or 4/10 (i'm being generous, don't watch it.)