The Gravedancers ★★★

“I'm not going anywhere unless something is chasing me.”
-Sid Vance (Marcus Thomas)

What’s the best way to mourn the passing of a close friend? Get pissed and dance on their grave. And actually piss on it. Well shit, why not.
The trio of friends are only really getting what they deserved, as they are subsequently terrorised by the ghosts of a child pyromaniac, an axe murder and a rapist. But I digress – this isn’t a bad little movie at all.

That’s basically all there is to the premise; a group of three disrespectful friends get taught a lesson by three evil ghosts, but it actually works rather nicely. It works because despite a slight story, there is fairly good acting and some genuine scary scenes on display. It wears its influences on its sleeve, with Poltergeist and the Entity to name but a few.
The central cast all deliver fine performances, certainly above the typical dredge. Director Mike Mendez shows ample talent behind the screen, a vast improvement from his last outing The Convent (2000). His decision to avoid an over-reliance on CGI and instead use makeup and prosthetics is a respectable one, and makes it more chilling.

As the situation escalates they employ the services of two paranormal ghostbusters, who are both pretty entertaining. It trundles along at a nice pace and develops nicely, building a nice atmosphere of unease along the way. Whilst it’s never anything to elaborate, it’s a welcome return to traditional ghostly terror.

VERDICT; If you always expect the worst with these low budget horror flicks, then you can only either be right, or be pleasantly surprised. Good, old-fashioned creepy horror.
3/5 or 6/10