Insidious: Chapter 2 ★★★½

Despite my audience being full of a bunch of hoodrats that took the idea of a midnight horror premiere and anal fucked it by being overly annoying and disrespectful (It was fun for about 20 minutes) the film was pretty good.

I really do enjoy James Wan's style a lot. The guy has a fantastic directorial style that brings you back to both B horror films and classic thrillers of the 70's. This film isn't very scary though. Besides the typical jump scares that get most people rhis film isn't scary as much as it is creepy. The whole backstory of the entity disturbing the family and much of the imagery is down right fucked up and delightfully creepy. In those terms Insidious Chapter 2 succeeded on a large level.

The one big problem for me was the acting, there were some real shotty performances. Patrick Wilson was the only one I thought gave a real good performance, the guy is a very fun actor to watch especially when shit hits the fan. Everyone else though for the most part really hammed it up (With the exception of the mother which was intensional) and spoke the dialogue with a large hint of hilarity.

What I love, absolutely love about James Wan's films is that the last 30-40 minutes go straight to hell and completely ape shit. I love the intensity and the fantastic camera work/creepiness and really good ideas that were being executed pretty well. It was confusing at times, and the attempts of comedy with the two Ghost Hunter type characters worked with only one joke and the rest were stupid, and there are a fair share of problem but not enough to knock this film's enjoyment value. I do need to see it again though since I could barely hear most of the fucking movie with my audience.