Big Hero 6 ★★½

Third tier Disney, but light and enjoyable enough, mostly due to the animation, and the five other characters that make up Big Hero 6--not Hiro who’s arc is a bit of a drag.

San Fransokyo is well conceived, and the animation is astounding. Baymax, TJ Miller’s character and the other pals are funny. But like most Disney protagonists Hiro is an orphan, and he proceeds to be orphaned several times over again by surrogate fathers. Any impact his final orphaning has is completely neutered by the awful Disney death that makes no sense in the logic of the film. Actually, the script is clunky throughout. Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen had actually surprising twists, but here the true identity of the villain and his motives are obvious at each turn. Though it’s got jokes and is pleasantly diverting, the script is not among Disney’s best fare.

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