Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

Guadanigno is able to transmit a cozy warm tone and give the film a calm yet never time wasting pace, through his attention to detail, his use of score and effective sound mixing, as well as some incredibly beautiful and uncomplicated cinematography, resulting in a brilliant direction throughout.

Chalamet plays perfectly the role of a young inexperienced boy, while still showing his pride and resistance in the journey of love his character embraces in. Keeping his all to himself until that very last scene.

Hammer on the other hand does a tremendous work as the confident exchange student, while letting us see the complicated feelings and vulnerable nature that is opening to a love that isn’t certain and sometimes not accepted. Situation that is only reinforced once again in the last time we hear Oliver's character.

The other performances are phenomenal as well and complement the film by giving it depth, color and character development.
Mystery of Love and Visions of Gideon are both beautiful and fit perfectly into this narrative.

I would say Call me by your name is very much like a Ghibli movie in a weird way. It is able to create its own world and get the most human elements out of its characters to tell a beautiful yet tragic story. Only to emphasize that perhaps an impossible love is really the most painful tragedy of them all.