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  • The Way of the Dragon

    The Way of the Dragon


    Not even Chuck Norris's weird shoulder hair is enough to distract from that masterpiece of a fight scene (in an otherwise rather clumsy film of the type where we have to watch a character pay for a meal at a restaurant).

  • Interstellar



    Nolan is a lot better at sentimentality than I had remembered.

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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    In spite of what Disney told us, no, this does not contain an 'openly gay character'. LeFou remains closeted, and his homosexuality is only (very heavily) implied through jokey jokes. The payoff, referred to as a 'nice, exclusively gay moment' by director Bill Condon, is the lamest of these jokes and there's nothing exclusively gay about it. It comes after (and in contrast with) a whole bunch of romantic heterosexual smooching, and presents the mere idea of homosexuality as hilarious.…

  • Showgirls



    The people who think this is dumb are the same people who think Inception is smart.