Invasion of the Body Snatchers ★★★★★

Surely one of the best remakes ever filmed, Kaufman so thoroughly thought htis through with W.D. Richter that some of its finest moments are in the minutest of details, which initially seem superfluous, but begin to accumulate into a pervasive ambience of menace then paranoia then utter despair. Anchored by a terrific performance by Donald Sutherland and expert supporting performances, in particular Nimoy's arrogant, condescending gaslighting of everyone. Veronica Cartwright is on hand to give another one of her patented hysterical performances and she delivers beautifully. Michael Chapman's photography indispenably adds to the overall unsettling mood. Seen as a contemporary parallel to our own time 42 years after its release, the metaphor becomes wholly unsettling - yes, it can happen here.