Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Considering the film is over fifteen years old now, I doubt I have anything revolutionary to add to the discourse surrounding Mulholland Drive. That being said, this film is extraordinary.
From the opening shot, the film feels off-kilter. The performances, the ways characters react to their surroundings, the shot composition - it all just feels... off. It establishes a unique sense of tension.
I've certainly watched films that felt more tense than this one. But the point here is not the degree of intensity, but how Lynch establishes and develops that intensity.
There's certainly a lot to unpack here - I'm still working out the implications of the last 15-20 minutes. But they left me stunned, and wanting to go read more about the film, and then think about it, and then talk about it, etc. That's a good sign.
I also want to go back and watch the whole thing again, because for as much as I loved it, I get the sense there's so much more there to be explored and delved into.
Truly lived up to the hype.