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  • Mayor Pete

    Mayor Pete

    One of those amazing documentaries I'm genuinely shocked saw the light of day. Hilarious almost start to finish watching them try to cast Pete as even remotely human and totally failing. Just a great time if you like watching movies about couples who fucking hate each other.

  • Host


    Despite being barely an hour long Host takes what feels like forever to actually get into gear and by the time it does none of the payoff/scares are all that great anyway. I have a lot of respect for how this movie was made but it just didn't do it for me.

  • The F**k-It List
  • Horse Girl

    Horse Girl

    Tried watching this a few days ago and honestly I couldn't quite get across the finish line, so I'm just wrapping it up now. The first half hour or so is compelling enough, but as it crawls towards the end the lack of any real ideas starts to reveal itself, and the whole thing falls apart. Really solid performances across the board and I really wanted there to be something beneath the surface here. Bummer there really isn't.

  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young

    I just finished the first episode and I'm bummed to report I was a little disappointed. It has most of the hallmarks of a great Refn product, and for those reasons alone I'll stick with it. There are few, perhaps no, other film makers with his eye or aptitude for creating not just images but a fully recognized aesthetic. At this point he's certainly settled into a style, but it's one he's successfully translated across three different movies and it…