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  • Duel



    Really cool to see all of the roots of Spielberg’s career in this lower budget, dirtier flick. The villain in this film is treated almost exactly like the shark in Jaws and, even with this small budget, there are all of the signature Spielberg sweeping camera tricks that make his action sequences so gripping and enthralling. It’s a little hollow and I don’t think it will stick around in my mind, but it is an impressive technical achievement.

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    There are enough laughs here to keep you satisfied and the filmmaking is surprisingly interesting. Still, it is a 1 hr 40 min movie that feels 20 minutes too long. Like The Game, the plot can be downright obnoxious in its illogical trickery.

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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    This is a film with brief flashes of greatness but is, in the end, a story that has no purpose. The acting is poor (except DaFoe, who is good but given little to do), no character has a true arc, and the filmmaking is often amateurish. The film feels extremely long and the ending is one of the worst I have seen this year.

  • How Do You Know

    How Do You Know


    I just liked it, okay?!?