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  • Super 8

    Super 8


    Although Super 8 is JJ Abrams' first - and so far, only - film that is an entirely original property (his other films have been reboots or sequels), one can see the threads between this and his other work. His love for homages and nostalgia are definitely present here, as is his mission in delivering good, old-fashioned popcorn entertainment. Unfortunately, his more unfortunate tendencies plague Super 8 as well, including its failure to hold up to much inspection, and its…

  • Cars 3

    Cars 3


    It's unsurprising that Pixar's most uninteresting franchise has yielded their most uninteresting movie. Admittedly, Cars 3 is pleasantly innocuous and far ahead of most competing animated films (indeed, attending audiences will likely be treated to previews for such horrors as Ferdinand and The Nut Job 2 as a reminder for how low the depths of the medium can be). But it's far below the standards Pixar has set for itself, and really only barely races past Cars 2 to avoid…

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  • Interstellar



    Director Christopher Nolan and the cast have taken great lengths to insure complete secrecy for one of the year's most anticipated films; Interstellar. I feel that it is only fair to respect this by writing a non-traditional review. There aren't any spoilers to be had here, this is simply a summary of how and what to prepare for when seeing this film. Because even though this film will not appeal to everyone, it remains a must-see.

    Interstellar is set in…

  • Walt Before Mickey

    Walt Before Mickey


    Walt Before Mickey feels more like a homework assignment than a meaningful film. Based on the early career of one of history's great visionaries, Walt Disney, Khoa Le's 2015 biopic is a disastrously tone-deaf "tribute." Le and writers Arthur L. Bernstein and Armando Gutierrez have succeeded in turning one of Hollywood's greatest underdog stories into a terminally dull affair that lacks the genuine emotion and passion that is so effortlessly integrated in Disney's own work.

    Before he became the most…