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  • Hereditary



    Writer/Director Ari Aster could walk away from horror films forever yet still leave a lasting impression on the genre with his feature film debut Hereditary. While perhaps missing the “masterpiece of the genre” mark, if only just, what Aster was able to bring to here sets Hereditary head and shoulders above the majority of its peers. 

    The film from its opening sets an oppressive tone and atmosphere, one that slowly builds over time to the point where you almost feel…

  • Upgrade



    Went in expecting a fun, grindhouse film full of mindless violence and minimal plot. Found myself infinitely more invested in the characters and plot than I thought I’d be, and was hugely impressed with how seriously it took itself. At times, I almost felt like I was watching a high concept, sci fi drama. Very pleasantly surprised.

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  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    Have you ever walked into a movie so positive there's no way it could disappoint you because of how awesome the trailers were? I have. Twice. First with last year's Suicide Squad and now unfortunately this year with Ben Wheatley's Free Fire, a movie that has no idea what it's trying to do.

    The film begins promisingly enough with a 70's retro style opening credits. However, once the dialogue gets going, the film begins to falter. The films biggest issue…

  • Whiplash



    I won't waste time writing a long review, as the quality of this film could be summed up by the following: Every aspect of Whiplash, acting, directing, editing, pacing, cinematography, script, etc. is as good as it possibly could have been. This movie is a masterpiece.