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  • A Fantastic Woman

    A Fantastic Woman


    An excellent portrait of both grief and resilience in the face of bigotry.

    A couple of deft moves that help the film's success along:

    - beginning with the male partner in the relationship before transferring perspective over to Marina seems a good way of bring cis audiences along and helping them to find entrance into her story.

    - the way the incidents of bigotry build from the more subtle variety before escalating to the more brutal allow Marina to be an identifiable character rather than a victim.

  • Strong Island

    Strong Island


    Effectively, the film acts as the case the grand jury never fully heard -- testimonials on the character of the victim making it clear that there was probably cause to send the case to trial.

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  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Why would anyone think Steppenwolf is a villain worth portraying in a movie, much less a movie with a few of the most recognizable characters in pop culture? Every scene he -- or more accurately, his digital avatar -- is in is complete gobbledygook.

    Surprisingly, a lot of the characterizations of the heroes are not bad, though none are really able to shine in this story, which seems like one of those filler issues of a comic book series done between the time one star writer leaves and another takes over.

  • Unbroken



    How'd they take the story of a guy who was in the Berlin Olympics, served as a bombardier in WWII, survived 40-something days in a life raft after crashing into the ocean plus years as a POW in Japanese custody, and manage to make it so incredibly boring?