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  • Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne


    Full disclosure: I'm not a Bourne fan, yet I've somehow managed to see every film in the series.

    I enjoyed this chapter the most despite some minor annoyances. They're certainly not unique flaws to this picture but it's the sort of stuff I'm tired of seeing.

    Like, why do professionals communicating among themselves have to dumb shit down to the lowest common demoninator just for the audience's sake?

    Why would a CIA professional actually use the label "Black Operations" on…

  • The Chosen

    The Chosen


    I give this exactly half of 5 stars because a) if this is intended to be laughably bad, it's kinda amusing and b) if it's honestly intended to be taken seriously ... well ... it kinda sucks. Temper your expectations accordingly and caveat emptor.

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  • Immortal Beloved

    Immortal Beloved


    Yo, Beethoven was def.

  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    This is a fascinating, unsettling, incoherent mess of a film.

    Imagine a mash-up between The Omen, The X-Files, Mean Streets and Dirty Harry, with a smidgen of Cronenberg-esque body horror thrown in just for giggles.

    The plot is barely comprehensible, but it's still quite watchable.