Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

This is a piece of the franchise in heavy transition from shock goth to little kid merchandise pushing. As goofy as it gets with the bat butt cheeks and slapstick baddies, I honestly believe the storytelling is stronger.

While Burton is extremely talented at art direction, his direction of storylines is often a slog. He's also too married to his muses- like Depp or in this case Keaton. Kilmer brings the sex appeal this character banks on- later the female market is obviously recognized with casting Murphy, Bale, Ledger, and Hardy (thanks!). The addition of Robin also brings a layer of character development to the situation beyond death and dating.

The bad guys are lacking here- as a kid I was such a Jim Carey fan but I remember being heavily disappointed in the theater watching this. I hate the onesie. I do like Two Face. He's so dumb it's kinda funny. The Riddler has to keep spinning him around to face the right direction.

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