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  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    Absolute Garbage...Ang Lee what were you thinking?

  • Magnolia



    Turns 20 this week, my first rewatch in over a decade. A complete masterpiece that will be re evaluated.

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  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day


    (Review originally from DSC Podcast, I posted it 4 years ago)
    Back in the 80's and 90's the Australian video store was filled with lots of slasher films. Nearly every slasher could be found from rubbish like 'Satans Blade' and 'Evil Laugh', Australians loved their slashers and the distributors knew that. However for some strange reason 'Graduation Day' skipped Australian distribution, heck even 'Night Train to Terror' got a release down here. It's a shame because it's probably one of…

  • The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

    The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds


    Another fantastic gem, unearthed by Uk label indicator on blu ray.

    This was one of a few films in a long time to get myself very emotional. Based on a play, Paul Newman brings it to life as he directs this film adaptation. 

    Beatrice is a single mother with two daughters, Ruth and Matilda. They live in a rundown duplex in Connecticut. I loved seeing the 1970s streets and locations in this film. Beatrice husband died a few years back…