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  • Key Largo

    Key Largo


    Ed Robinson carries this movie but Humphrey bogart punctuates each moment, elevating the scene to another level. John Huston does everything he can through set design and camera angles to make every scene in this hotel feel surreal and unique.

    Suspense is the driving force of this film.

  • Eraserhead



    My second viewing of eraserhead allowed me to enjoy it significantly more than the unmet expectations of the first time I watched this film. It is a surealist expedition and a cinematic experience on the caliber of 2001 space odyssey. However even being able to now understand significant moments of symbolism, it still remains one of the weirdest films ive ever seen. The deformed baby literally haunted my dreams last night.

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  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    shadily one of the best comedies in recent history. a modern noir (slacker noir) masterpiece. The ensemble cast deserves such high praise. visually one of the most stimulating films I've ever watched.
    Let the dust settle, like high tide at the beach this film submerges you and as you're gasping for air, it allows you that one deep breath that's just enough to keep your blood pumping.

  • Psycho



    Honestly if you neglect the fact that Hitchcock made this exact film forty years earlier, its a great piece of cinema. It manages to be slightly more graphic then the original, and while still maintaining a "shot-for-shot" remake Gus Van Sant takes a few brilliant liberties. I believe he made this version of the film just to prove how bullet proof and timeless the script is. I wish more directors would pay homage to cinema like this instead of just remaking films for hollywood licensing rights.