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  • Commando



    For better and for worse, this movie is almost precisely what I thought it was.

    The opening credits are probably my favorite part of the movie (not usually a good sign for a movie): the graphics make use of a terrific bold blue and lines in a way that differentiates itself from any other movie I've seen. For a font nerd, that's important. And to make things better, we get a montage of Arnold's "Matrix" (they never explain how on…

  • Onward



    As far as family fare goes, this is solid. Pixar provides no less. But as far as Pixar goes? This is squarely in the bottom tier of their films.

    The movie absorbs D&D and high fantasy nerd culture, gives its own little quirky take on it, and spits it out into a world that grew to rely on technology over magic. It's a really great backdrop for a movie... and we get a heartwarming journey about brothers trying to reconnect…

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  • The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil


    My first Hooptober movie of the season, and I'm glad to have started with it.

    At multiple points I forgot that this movie came out in 2009. The dedication to not just the style of the era, but also to the cinematic style of the era, was admirable.

    There was nothing revolutionary here in terms of plot or horror, really... it was just a very well-done horror flick. West's ability to generate suspense is among the best of working directors.…

  • Color Out of Space

    Color Out of Space


    Hooptober 6.0 #6 (super long review, but maybe worth reading)

    I'll start with my fears for the movie ahead of having seen it. Richard Stanley is still something of an enigma to me. There is a large cult of personality behind him that I feel is outsized to the movies I've seen of his. Dust Devil is something I need to revisit, but I remember being decent yet unremarkable. Hardware, which I just saw as part of Hooptober, was solid…