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  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    Just James Bond but with a lead character who can believably beat the shit out of all those minions!

    The coolest kung fu movie ever ... Jim Kelly - my man!!

  • The Virgin Suicides

    The Virgin Suicides

    Film #2 of the "Scavenger Hunt" Challenge
    Task #3: A film by a female director!

    What was the point of this film exactly? They weren't even all virgins...

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    Doctor Strange, terrible name aside (although I get that they're stuck with it), was really enjoyable to be honest. There was some way overdone CGI scenes, and Mads Mikkelson was horrendously underused, but overall I enjoyed it. Benedict Cumberbatch is basically Robert Downey Jr but with brain surgeon smarts and has an actually OK American accent. Jolly good fun for a couple of hours.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    She really didn't take enough pictures for an "anti-war photographer". Killer soundtrack though and some cool Apocalypse now vibes.