Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

If ever were there a "go into this knowing absolutely nothing" kinda movie, it would have to be this one.

Never have I been so perplexed, saddened, and humored by a movie much like this one has. The tones are all over the place and really gives you some emotional whiplash, never letting you get fully settled in. You may think you're good and got it all figured out but it somehow manages to always stay one step ahead of the viewer.

It was also really nice to see Carey Mulligan shine and frighten me with her performance, increasing my appreciation for her talent far beyond just being the quiet woman from Drive (2011). All of the characters were super well written, but especially Bo Burnham, he really impressed me with his range as an actor and I very much want to see him in more movies now. The cast as a whole also just did a super wonderful job at making me hate most of them as characters (pretty much just all the men).

The ending was just super dope and really culminated both the story structure and the characters' journeys in such a satisfying way. This movie really could've so easily fallen prey to becoming a heavy handed, eye-roll worthy, repetitive, trite snoozefest once the premise is established. But instead I was left far more entertained than I could've expected and impressed with the way it never stopped evolving. Sleeper pick for a top 10 movie this year.

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