Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

Holy shit, they actually did it. Marvel has been on kind of a solid streak as of late, aside from Homecoming and I’m sure something else but I’ve actually enjoyed the last few ones I’ve seen. I think I got more excited for this in the past week just because I’ve realized how successful they’ve been with building this franchise up, even with all of its misses. Like I may not like these movies all that much but they do know what they’re doing. My problem is they’re just not all that interesting. But I was interested in this one because the stakes were high. There’s been more secrecy around this than I think there was for The Force Awakens. The theater I saw it at is basically sold out for a week. Let me just say, this film is super long and dense. Clocking in at 150 minutes and having 129361946902 characters they have to cover and give ample amounts of screen time to is a daunting task, but I can’t believe they pulled it off. This movie has some balls let me first just put that out there. Because I’m sure a lot of deaths will be corrected in the next one like they always do, but there were some pretty brutal deaths in this one which I was not expecting. The opening alone is darker than pretty much any other marvel movie. There’s a pretty important scene with Thanos and another character which may be the most beautiful thing marvel has ever done. This whole movie is exceptionally put together. I’m glad they just say screw it to a lot of character development and go for small bits of dialogue and a whole lot of action instead. This movie is so thrilling from start to finish. And the ending, oh boy the ending. It’s amazing. I mean I have a huge issue with it that would get into spoiler territory but looking past that, it’s kind of awesome on its own. The final scene is so good. There’s no doubt about it this is the best Avengers movie, and it’s definitely top tier MCU. The characters are all treated respectfully (although I still don’t like the Black Widow and Hulk thing that’s kind of hinted at in this), and Thor is still kind like he was in the last movie so that’s good. There was no way I was gonna take him seriously after that but it works.

This movie was so good like wow. Kind of want to see it again. Definitely see it with a crowd (imax too if possible). The audible gasps from everyone made it that much better.

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