Hereditary ★★★★

Okay first of all give Toni Collette an Oscar now. Second of all, no...this is not the "scariest film ever made." It's unsettling at times and there is some freaky imagery, mostly due to some top notch directing and editing. This movie is actually kind of fun? I mean I certainly had a blast. So did my audience. Look it gets ABSURD near the end so you kind of just go with it. There is one scene that is just haunting in its deliberate and agonizingly slow execution. But yeah it's just so great. I've heard people compare it to mother! in terms of the pacing and buildup to the finale, and that does a disservice to this movie because unlike that movie this one has payoff, is actually enjoyable, and isn't the worst thing ever.

Did I mention Toni Collette?

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