Frenzy ★★★½

TIFF 2015

This was the only TIFF film I was able to make it down to this year, due to a very busy schedule and a utter lack of planning. And when you don't properly plan your festival, you end up taking what you can get. So that is how I came to see 'Frenzy'.

'Frenzy' is about a man released from jail early in Istanbul after he is recruited to become a police informant. He is released into a city that is straining under the presence of political crimes and terrorism, a city strife with paranoia. Upon his release he attempts to reconnect with his younger brother, who he finds at a crossroads in life.

This is a tense, almost stressful movie to watch. You can feel the tension oozing out of the screen an enveloping the viewer. Too me, it was a movie about paranoia, suspecting your neighbors, and the stresses of living in the current climate of the Middle East. The acting is strong, particularity from the lead actor, and it had a strong soundtrack. It was different in a good way, and I left feeling as though my gamble had paid off.

If Emin Alper directs another movie that becomes available in North America again, I would go see it. In fact, Turkey has produced some strong cinema of late.

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