Interstellar ★★★★★

Usually when you sit down to watch a movie in a cinema, its just that.. a movie.

But every once in awhile what you experience transcends the medium, and becomes so much more. I felt this way watching Boyhood earlier this year. And once again, with Interstellar I found myself in awe.

I sat down to write this review after I got home last night, but found myself staring at letterboxd, not knowing where to start. And I truly believe, in true Nolan fashion, there are allot of hidden meanings that I may have missed.

Here is what I can tell you: This movie is gorgeous, and you definitely need to treat yourself to the IMAX experience. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking, and it adequately captures the scope Nolan was trying to deal with. And the soundtrack is sublime.

Secondly, while space travel and the survival of humanity are definitely core themes, the heart of the story is so much deeper than that. In many ways it's Nolan's most humane film yet, as well as his most emotional.

Acting wise, everyone does a good job. As was the case with Inception, Nolan relies on a strong ensemble rather than a few extraordinary performances. That being said, I can see another best lead actor nom coming Mcconaughey's way. America's favorite space cowboy continued his upward trajectory, and delivered a very emotional performance.

I have seem some lukewarm reviews around the internet, and in some ways I can understand that. But when you stop to consider what you have just experienced, you realize just how beautiful this film is. Obviously everything you see on letterboxd is someone's objective opinion (which refreshingly most people seem to respect), so I have no problem saying that THIS is finally the film that takes away Wes Anderson's crown, and IS may favorite of 2014! (so far)

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